…both City Centre and Praga District

Port Praski is an investment realized in the centre of Warsaw, about a kilometer away from the Old Town, National Stadium and the Copernicus Centre.
  • Underground station and PKP
    Underground station and PKP
    Port Praski’s location – in the immediate vicinity of the National Stadium, the railway station „PKP Stadion” and 800 metres away from the railway station „Dworzec Wileński”  - allows for convenient use of public transport
  • Offices, hotels, floating restaurants
    Offices, hotels, floating restaurants
    Port Praski will act as a fully-fledged city, therefore next to the residential part, a business/retail district will emerge. Port Praski’s location, situated by the water, will allow for the creation of a floating restaurant.  
  • Sports facilities
    Sports facilities
    The area of Port Praski is located next to the National Stadium – the scene of major sports events. 
  • Water bus stop
    Water bus stop
  • Shopping centre
    Shopping centre
  • View of Downtown and Old Town
    View of Downtown and Old Town
    Port Praski’s apartments stand out with a unique view of the Old Town, Downtown, Vistula River, Powiśle District, Świętokrzyski Bridge and the National Stadium. 
  • Common greenery
    Common greenery
    The whole investment will be complemented by common greenery. 
  • Vistula boulevards, squares
    Vistula boulevards, squares
    Vistula Boulevards will run across the Port Praski District, squares will rise in selected locations, complementing the recreational and leisure functions of the investment.   
  • Marinas
    In Docks, an exclusive district of Port Praski, a marina will be built, allowing layover and mooring of yachts. 
  • Cultural events
    Cultural events
    Cultural events in Port Praski will be encouraged by the Old Marketplace, located at  the intersection of the „Docks” and „Old Praga” districts, as well as the planned creation of a „Media Park” district. 
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