Description of the project

In the very heart of Warsaw emerges a modern architectural concept Port Praski - a comfortable and friendly place, perfect for those who appreciate a downtown lifestyle, and simultaneously long for a quiet relaxation surrounded by water.
Port Praski combines four complementary districts, characterized by different functions: business/commercial, residential, recreational and scientific. 
All surrounded by the Vistula boulevards, squares, harbours, floating restaurants, cafes and marinas. Port Praski is a symbiosis of nature and  urban city living.
The district has been named “Old Praga” because of the implemented quarterly development referring to the capital’s historical architecture. “Old Praga” is characterized by residential and commercial function, the apartment buildings located in the area have been equipped with business premises on the ground floors.
Right where the Docks and Old Praga districts meet is the Old Town Square (a place for 
meetings, shopping and concerts), which will be connected to the central pier with a pedestrian bridge.
Currently for sale:
Sierakowskiego 5
Sierakowskiego II
“Docks” is a luxurious part of Port Praski, which takes its name from the location in the old port docks. The district situated by the water will include premium class buildings with their own marina and exclusive boutiques and restaurants on the ground floors. The district will include boulevards extending over the water. 
The “City”, located in the immediate vicinity of the National Stadium, will be filled with dominant altitude buildings, with the height of up to 160 m. Buildings will serve business and retail functions, the building’s highest floors are designated for luxurious apartments. 
A centre for media and technology is planned in the district. “Media Park” will be a unique place for family relaxation and picnics, as well as learning about technology, communications and media. In addition to this, development plans include a special cablecar connecting the Media Centre with the Copernicus Science Centre.
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Award for building on 2 Okrzei Street
The Building was awarded a second place title by the Polish Association of Civil Engineers and Technicians, Ministry of Infrastructure & Development and the General Office of Building Control.

Certificate of Appreciation 
Port Praski received a Certificate of Appreciation from the Marshal of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship for the building on 5 Sierakowskiego Street.

Award for building on 5 Sierakowskiego Street 
The Building was awarded the 2015 Building of the Year title by the Polish Association of Civil Engineers and Technicians, Ministry of Infrastructure & Development and the General Office of Building Control.

Sierakowskiego 5 - the winner of the "Modernization of the Year 2015"
Building Sierakowskiego 5 was awarded first prize in the category "New buildings in urban space" in the national competition "Modernization of the Year 2015".
Award for building on 6 Krowia Street

The residential and retail building with elements of historical sites and underground garage was awarded the 2013 Building of the Year title.